Xero integration

The Xero integration allows you to pull your transaction statements from Equals Money directly into Xero. When you connect your Equals Money and Xero accounts, transactions are synced across once a day, seamlessly, helping you to keep a real-time overview of your data.


Save time
Importing data manually takes time. The automatic bank feed frees up time for you to focus on strategic work.
Error reduction
Manual data entry leaves room for human error. With the integration, data is synced automatically, removing this risk.
Real-time overview
Manage cash flow in real time with instant overview of spending in one place, and eliminate manual statement reports.
Easy reconciliation
Purchase data is pushed through Xero to match accounts effortlessly.
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Equals Money (integrated with Xero) is super easy to use with everything in one place.

The team and I save so much processing time as all transactions show immediately on the platform.

Michaela Kocher
TransGlobal Events
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Equals' Xero integration has been great. It's empowered us to make our workflow even more efficient by streamlining our accounting and reconciliation processes at the end of each month.

Yoav Rosenberg
Good Chaos
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Using Equals bank feed integration with Xero means no more bank reconciliation issues & currency adjustments at month end. I can pay supplier bills from the native currency accounts which means I don’t need to go & search for the fx rate & it doesn’t matter if the rate has more decimal places than Xero allows.

Everything is fed through, so I’m not going to miss any payments. I’m using it with multiple clients & over 10 currencies. It gives me the best of both worlds - the automation of other providers but the personal service of the Equals team.

Lara Manton
LJM Bookkeeping


your account

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your account

Go to Account settings and Select Annotations and integrations from the list of settings.
Click on the Accountancy Integrations tile.
Select the Xero tile.

In the pipeline

Live now
Automated bank feeds only. Bank feed means all transactions are sent to Xero feed automatically, once day. Once the connection is made and the customer has mapped their Equals Money currencies to respective Equals Money bank accounts in Xero bank transaction will begin lines appear in Xero ready for them to reconcile. Customers will also be able review their full “Sync history” to view all batches of data which have been sent to Xero.
Coming Soon
Enriched data including annotations (tags/chart of accounts codes, receipts, notes etc). If you speak with a customer and they ask if their transactions will appear in the left and right side of Xero, you can tell them that right now the integration is a bank feed (the left hand side), but the enriched data which goes on the right hand side will be released. More integrations with other accounting platforms e.g. QuickBooks Online.

Integrate your account

Go to your Account Settings and select Annotations and Integrations.
Select Xero and follow the on screen instructions to grant Equals Money access to your Xero data. You will only need to do this once.
Map your accounts, choose the date to sync transactions to Xero, and confirm your selections. Your transactions will sync shortly after midnight after you have mapped your accounts.