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Enhance security and remove logistical difficulties of using cash on location
Users can request top-ups and annotate transactions with our app
Allocate budgets, and know exactly where your money is spent with real-time data
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We've worked with over 20,000 businesses and a million individuals since 2005

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Going off-script, what our clients have to say

We’ve helped over 15,000 businesses take control of their expenses, including award-winning productions that have shot everywhere from Australia to Canada.

Your cast and crew can cover their costs while shooting on location with prepaid cards, uploading receipts and annotating transactions as they go.
Your finance team can manage everything through our real-time platform that lets you top up cards, move funds between them, and allocate budgets.
Avoid the stress of reconciling expenses - your crew can upload photos of receipts and annotate as they spend.

Solutions driven
by change

From delaying shoots to sourcing overseas crew, we understand the challenges your industry has faced in recent years. That’s why our solutions are tailored to make managing a production’s finances one less thing for you to worry about.

Cashless spending

Prepaid cards offer a simple, secure way of covering production expenses without the security risks of cash.

Expense management

Manage your cards and users online 24/7, with the ability to top up and pause cards instantly.

Budget control

One central view of production-wide spending with the ability to break budgets down as needed.

Simplified payroll

Automatically process faster, secure batch payments to cover the likes of domestic payroll.

International payments

Send money to studios, suppliers, and crew around the world in over 100 currencies at great rates.

Already trusted by productions worldwide

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of the productions we’ve already worked with and how they have benefited from our award-winning service.

I have used Equals Money cards on a wide range of productions over the past few years... Equals Money gives control to the production which is a major change to the traditional credit card. I always try and use Equals Money cards on my Film or TV productions.

Location Accountant

The King, Netflix

Equals Money has offered us great flexibility for our production crew and the low costs of transacting help keep our budgets in check. In short — it's a great product for production companies.

Financial Director

Warp Films

Equals Money’s corporate platform and prepaid cards allow us control and transparency in our staff travel costs & expenses as well as in meeting corporate obligations.  As a film sales company we need flexibility and control in one system, and the Equals Money platform offers exactly that.

Joint Managing Director

Bankside Films
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The Equals Spend platform is very user friendly and the support team are always on hand to help.
The savings we've experienced were quickly noticeable as prepaid cards limit the loose spending habits of travelling staff.

Senior Finance Executive

Explore Worldwide

I have used Equals cards on a wide range of productions over the past few years.  Their services are a massive asset to the productions I have worked on.  Their customer service is excellent and the ease of setup is extremely production friendly.  Equals gives control to the production which is a major change to the traditional credit card.  I always try and use Equals cards on my Film or TV productions at every opportunity.

Location Accountant

The King, Netflix

Since moving to Equals we have saved between 30% to 40% on the hotel and subsistence costs for our trainers and sales staff. The use of the Equals card has given them the option to stay and eat where they choose rather than stick to company account hotel chains which often proved expensive and not as convenient as other options. The on-boarding process was easy and the staff and authorising management are really happy with the systems.

Head of Finance

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